Barefoot Lacrosse was started in 2012, inspired by my two favorite things lacrosse and walking around barefoot!

My goal is simple, I want to inspire lacrosse players to feel great with the equipment they use and show them what great equipment does for their game. In the early stages of Barefoot I quickly became known for dyeing and stringing heads.


In 2015 I saw a need for attention on the women's side of the game and started to focus my attention on that. Fast forward 7 years after I first started the company and you can find my women's pocket named Athena in many professional and D1 college teams hands. 

Although I do not sell equipment I am happy to offer my stringing services to both the men and women's side of the game.


If there is anything that I could help you out with feel free to reach out directly to zach@barefootlacrosse.net